Ride the greatest tracks in the world without leaving your house, all while getting trained up!

Moto Trainer TN


Sim racers always want to get more realism into their racing. Be that with a bucket seat, curved monitor, or the latest wheel, the quest for the most realistic sim racing rig never really ends.

For bike fans, sim racing has been a longer journey, but now they are overtaking the traditional sim racer.

Welcome to Moto Trainer.

Bringing the track to you

Even before 2020 and all its horrors, you couldn’t just take your bike around the world and enjoy riding the most famous tracks on the globe. Well, now the tracks can come to you.

That sounds insane right? But Moto Trainer offers bikers the chance to ride around Mugello in the comfort of their own home.

Moto Trainer’s incredible software can virtually transport riders to the world’s greatest tracks, even allowing riders to train on each and every MotoGP circuit across the globe.

moto trainer features
FULL WHACK: The Moto Trainer has everything you could think of

Suitable for sports bikes of all shapes and sizes, Moto Trainer can either be linked to the official MotoGP videogame or riders can follow an on-board lap of the track on which they wish to train.

Once you are comfortable with the circuit, you can jump into the actual MotoGP game and experience a race from the best seat in the house!

Train, learn, ride

Dorna Sports has partnered with Moto Trainer not just to bring the thrill of Grand Prix racing to bikers everywhere, but also to help them learn and train.

Moto Trainer software allows riders to hook their own bike to the platform and then ride circuits with onboard video and telemetry. The software monitors accelerator use, brakes, gearing, and trajectories as you lean into corners, matching it to the onboard video.

REAL RIDE: The Moto Trainer can take you to the best circuits around with its 50-degree lean

It’s a platform that allows bikers to ride every circuit in the world.

Pau Serrancanta, Managing Director at Dorna Sports said:

“I’m delighted to be able to announce this agreement, adding yet another way in which fans are able to connect with and enjoy their favourite sport.

In addition, the fact that it can also be used alongside the MotoGP™ videogame proves another bolster to Dorna’s eSports project, which continues to go from strength to strength.”

Affordable means something different to sim racers

As with most things in at-home racing, the word affordable means different things to different people.

For technology this advanced, the 4,900 Euro price tag for the basic Moto Trainer is an amazing deal.

moto trainer versions
FEATURE LIST: Pick what package you want!

However, the basic package does not include all the amazing inovations we have discussed. To go beyond the training and into the sim racing you will need at least the 12,900 Euro version.

That is a lot of money, but in the world of sim racing it is still a remarkable deal. There is nothing like this available today in the world of bike racing.

With a top-line sim rig costing you upwards of £10,000 too, this doesn’t exactly blow the roof of the sim racing market.