The Ultimate Motorbike simulator

Discover the pleasure of riding your bike in all circuits.
Moto Trainer is a riding simulator for motorcyclists to train with their bike. The best simulator at affordable prices. Fun and training in complete safety. Learn to ride your bike on every circuit in the world; a fun and unique training experience.

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Suitable for a user who wonts to train and monitor their improvement with the data acquired from the software telemetry


Perfect for the user who wants to train and faithfully reproduce all the movements of the fast driving


For events surprise your partners with the Moto Trainer, the moto bike simulator to train like real a track day.



Compatible with XBox and PC. Play your favorite videogames riding your motorbike and leaning up to 50 ° in complete safety.


With the included Moto Training System you can train on all the circuits of the world with your bike, measuring your performance.

Riding school

Learn to ride the motorcycle and to respect the road signs. Choose your favorite route.

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